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About Hilton Head Real Estate School

Come join the exciting work of Real Estate! After many years teaching Real Estate and appraisal classes for others, I decided I had a BETTER way, and could make it rewarding, fun and affordable for anyone who wanted to start a new career. The Hilton Head Real Estate School is dedicated to helping you develop your skills you need to succeed in the real estate and property management either on a full-time or part-time basis, and to become financially independent and to take control of your future.

This is accomplished through comprehensive, state approved courses, developed by some of the industries most experienced and accomplished real estate professionals and educators. Our courses are offered in several locations, morning, afternoon and evening, weekdays and weekends. Our classes can be taken in any order and repeated as many times as you feel necessary to prepare you for the state exams. These courses are not easy, but they are fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable and will lead you to a challenging and exciting new career that can bring you the security and financial rewards you seek.

So don’t hesitate and get started now!

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